3 hours in Paris


3 hours in Paris

3 Hours in Paris! The concert! A unique opportunity to indulge in the charm of the city of Love and meet, at the bend of its sacred places, the heroes of the most famous French musicals: Esmeralda and Quasimodo, Romeo and Juliet, Mozart and Salieri, and Cosette Jean Valjean, and even more…
For the first time, together on the same stage, the original performers will sing the cult tunes of the most famous French musicals in the course of a grandiose concert!
You will hear songs from « Notre Dame de Paris », « Romeo and Juliet », « Starmania », the great successes of recent years like « Mozart L’Opera Rock » and « Mistinguett, queen of the Roaring Twenties », and of course some great standards, internationally known, about the City of Light!
All these countless successes will take you to Paris too.

3 Hours in Paris… The Grand Concert of French melodies!

  «No need to go to Paris to see the delicious Juliette (Cécilia Cara), the unpredictable Mozart (Mikelangelo Loconte) or the decadent rock musician Salieri (Laurent Bàn)…
Travel with the original artists of these extraordinary musicals in a breathtaking orchestration… 3 hours in Paris …»



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