Mozart The Rock Opera – The concert


Mozart The Rock Opera – The concert


The idea of Albert Cohen and Dove Attia, the producers, was to create a show that could be appreciated not only by musicals ‘fans but also by rock music lovers. They dared to show Mozart as the first rock star, what he was in a way. “Mozart the Rock Opera” is a huge success. In 2009/2010, the musical is number 1 of ticket sales, with more than 1 500 000 sold tickets.


The producer Boris Orlov decided to create Mozart the Rock Opera, the concert. The idea was fully supported by Dove Attia and Albert Cohen.
The first shows « the Rock Opera, the concert» take place in Kiev, Moscow and Sint-Petersburg in February and October, 2013. The success immediate with more than 50.000 spectators in only10 concerts.
« Mozart the Rock Opera, the concert » is designed to seduce a large audience – it is an outstanding show mixing symphonic orchestration and rock music. The casting is made of the 6 original singers, Florent Mothe, Mikelangelo Loconte, Solal, Melissa Mars, Diane Dassigny et Maeva Meline, accompanied by 60 musicians and chorus-singers from the Kiev’s Symphonic Orchestra and Choral, and by a rock band with famous French musicians, directed by Karim Medjebeur. With the creation of video images and virtual sets, with modern costumes reflecting Mozart’s era, with the brilliant lights created by Dimitri Vissiliu, with a talented orchestration made by Guy St.-Onge and a stage set designed by Denis Bouchard, this concert revisits the songs of the musical in a unique and stunning live version.